Get 3D Vision in 2021 - The Mindset Shift

Virtual Workshop


Hey There! Are you tired of putting the same thing on your vision board every year and not seeing your dreams come true? 

Let me help you!

Join me and a group of Go GETters as we prepare for another amazing year of goal-crushing at the Get 3D Vision in 2021 - The Mindset Shift virtual workshop! 

If you are ready to get closer to living the life of your dreams, then this is the workshop for you.


Together, we will create a plan that aligns with your vision. Get ready to see your dreams in a way that you can reach out, touch them, and get them!   

Coach Lisa Walker-Holloway

Upcoming Events

  • 60 Day Accountability Boot Camp (Q4 2021)
    Oct 17, 6:00 PM EDT – Dec 12, 6:00 PM EST
    Have you set goals but keep missing your deadlines and can’t really explain why? Do you feel like you have the time but just cant get it done? Let's end the year strong!