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Where do you see yourself in one, three, or five years?

Meet Coach Lisa

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Coach Lisa Walker-Holloway, MBA, MA, CLC

Lisa Walker-Holloway, also known as Coach Lisa, is a passionate leader with more than 20 years of corporate coaching and development experience. As the Founder and CEO of JMC Career Solutions & Consulting, LLC. (JMC), she coaches women entrepreneurs, mid-level professionals, and millennials on how to set and crush their goals. 

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, JMC launched in 2016, offering project management consulting services to enterprise customers. Today, JMC services have expanded to offer personal and professional development coaching, workshops, and events.

Coach Lisa created the Get It™ journal for guided goal setting. She also released Dream Notes, which serves as a daily dream journal. These books highlight her proven 3D Success Formula, providing a blueprint that helps clients reach their potential and achieve their goals.


"My mission is to spark personal power and to inspire purpose." - Coach Lisa

Coach Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Georgia, an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a Master of Art in Psychology from the University of Arizona Global Campus. She also earned her Life Coaching Certification from the National Coaching Society. As a life coach, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Coach Lisa envisions a world where everyone lives their purpose-filled journey.

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Q&A with JMC Founder and CEO

Coach Lisa

My Best Career Advice

As you pursue your goals, find a career that is aligned with your purpose. Strive for discipline and use that drive to reach your destiny. My proven 3-D Formula will help spark your personal power!

What are you passionate about?

After years of interviewing candidates and coaching employees, I found my passion for advising, which ultimately enhanced their personal and professional development. I love creating tailored career solutions for individual and corporate growth. 

How do you spark personal power?

My dream is to help others make their dreams come true. With my proven 3-D Formula, Dreams+Discipline+Drive=Destiny, I desire to help others realize their vision and create a plan to make their dreams become a reality!  

Coach Lisa Walker-Holloway, MBA, CLC

I'm ready to go get it! What's next?

I'm happy to hear that you're ready to take the next step towards your destiny.

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