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Life is but a dream...

Make sure

you dream


Discover the blueprint to

Crush your goals

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Everyone has a vision for their life. Some have the support they need to see their vision come true; others do not know where to start. Through customized coaching, JMC Career Solutions & Consulting (JMC) provides a proven formula that drives results.


Your Vision Requires a plan

For years, JMC Founder and CEO, Coach Lisa, created vision boards that represented her dreams. But they lacked a real plan to make her vision come true. In 2019, Coach Lisa developed her proven 3D Success Formula and published The Get It™ journal. Once she applied it to her dreams, a blueprint to achieve personal goals was created. Today this proven formula has not only helped Coach Lisa, but also many other men and women with a shared desire to see their dreams come true.​

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Tammy, 52

This small investment has helped me structure the path to home ownership. I'm proud to say that I will close on my home next month! I'm ready to conquer my next goal!

Suni, 42

 ...I always dreamed of producing a stage play. With the Get It Journal, I was able to present a play that I wrote and produced at three major festivals! Following the blueprint of this journal gave me the tools and clarity needed to accomplish this task successfully.

Repunzel, 49

As a wife and mom, I have been over-extended and unable to focus on myself... The Get It Journal has helped me put things in perspective!

Get what you need to

Pursue Your dreams

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Personal Development Coaching

With over 20 years of coaching and development experience, Coach Lisa takes pride in being her clients' personal development coach. In this role, she helps clients achieve their goals and supports their personal and professional growth. 


Ultimately, my goal is to help you become the best version of yourself! - Coach Lisa

Life Coaching

Life coaching is for people who want to achieve goals, overcome an unwanted habit, or acquire certain skills. Unlike therapy, which is used to treat mental health issues, the aim of life coaching is to help people achieve their highest level of happiness or success regardless of the problems or difficulties they may experience along their journey. 

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